The Producers

Producer & Photographer

After being passionate about professional artistical photography for ten years, his passion shifted to tactical photography as soon as he started playing airsoft. With a bachelors degree in arts Neo has produced and directed many professional artistic performance productions in Germany and abroad. With knowledge in computer editing and his natural artistic eye, Neo strives to make every single one of his images or videos stand out. His talents earned him the Third Place Prize in the 2019 "G&G World Photography Competition" and he has undertaken dozens of photoshoots for his profile brands like: "Mechanix Wear", "TS-Blades", "Prabos", "Antarctica Outdoors", "Sniper Airsoft Supply", amongst others realizing shootings in Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and The Netherlands.

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Riva has a Bachelor degree in Psychology and he is a passionate airsoft player from Luxemburg, who fell in love with the sport from the very first day. 

He is an airsoft sniper being excited about ghillie suit camouflaging. Airsoft is a big passion for him. The collaboration with Neo in airsoft photography motivated him to participate in this outstanding calendar project. After working for the top transportation company in Luxembourg he decided to bring his knowledge into this project.  

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After founding his own airsoft club at a young age, Sixty is a fan of airsoft and MilSim for well over a decade, almost half his life. His Master of Science in Software Engineering, his analytical approach and his programming efficiency led him to a career in Software Engineering Management at the BMW Group in Munich, while his passion and motivation led him to found his own company on the side, which provides digitalisation and software development. Sixty has created websites, webshops and software for numerous clients, also including airsoft clubs in Europe and the US for over ten years. 

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THE photographers

Pete has been an airsoft player for 14 years and helps to run his local site in the UK. After getting serious about photography in 2014 it was only natural to start shooting games and he was often seen out in the field with a camera as part of his load out whilst playing.
After deciding to separate this genre of photography from his other work ‘The Airsoft Project’ was born.
He is lucky enough to be involved in some wonderfully diverse game genres ranging from WW2, Wild West, Star Wars, Vietnam as well as modern private Milsim and walk-on games.

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Jhs is a Swedish hobby photographer that started taking airsoft photos in 2019, she fell in-love with airsoft photography earlier in her life when she got a digital camera and photographed everything she could find. After getting asked to take photos of airsofters she has dived into the airsoft world more and more.
After taking airsoft photos Jhs started to play the sport herself, which is why you can also see photos of her on her own page. Jhs has now sponsors likes Krytac, Onetigris and Invadergear who she takes photos of. You can see many of these on their Instagram and websites.

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Sundust_op is an airsoft player from Ankara Turkey. He is a member of the Airsoft Anatolia team based in Ankara Turkey. He mostly plays Assault and sniper roles in the games. He is playing airsoft for more than 6 years. His profession is director of picture and drone operator in the media sector. With the help of his profession he loves to take photos of his teammates and himselfs in the field. He also has a youtube page for game videos and product reviews about airsoft products.

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Mr_hitman_nld from the Netherlands has been playing airsoft since 7 years. About 1 year in he thought it would be fun to share his hobby with other airsofters on Instagram. Over the course of the first year his account went steady, then in the second year it began to pick up fast and now, six years later, Mr_hitman_nld is where he is today.
In airsoft he experienced many skirms in the Netherlands but also abroad; for example he also visited England, Belgium, France, Germany and Turkey, where he met many other influencers.
He loves being part of this amazing airsoft community. For him it is very fun and such a pleasant experience to be able to share his hobby with others.

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Matthias, also known as Tenac Airsoft is a spanish airsoft player from Mallorca, who plays airsoft since 2012 and even today he keeps on enjoying this sport as if it was the very first time. Mainly he loves to be on the field as an assault player although in occasions he also enjoys being a sniper. Through social media he discovered his passion for sharing his photos and videos with the world. He dedicates time and effort to upload quality content and improves day to day his pictures and videos. It's not long ago, since he has his social media accounts but he has been growing ever since. He has already received some sponsoring from Airsoft brands. What he enjoys the most about this sport besides playing it, is the honesty and the link that is created between players of this community.

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